Q1. Why did you choose former Gillman Barracks as the location for your stall in 2002?
Ans: Although the former place was not very accessible, but we believe that with the combination of ambience and good food, crowds will come.

Q2. Why attracts you to set up the stall in such inconvenient place?
Ans. The ambience. It was peaceful and quiet. The lush tropical greenery will give customers a feeling of eating at home. The barracks was quite rich in history too and i am sure it brings back a lot of memories from the old army days.

Q3. What makes customers keep coming back to your restaurant?
Ans: I am not quite sure myself. Besides the ambience and good service, we have made special effort to make sure our seafood used is of high freshness and quality. Also, we have always kept our price to the most affordable range.

Q4. We heard that you have created some innovative dishes that are not usually found in other restaurants.
Ans: Our chefs had previously worked in well-known chinese restaurants, hence the handful innovative dishes.

Q5. Does the new restaurant possess any differences comparing to the previous location?
Ans: Yes. The quality of the food is even higher. Although the ambience is very much alike the previous location, it is much more accessible. GST and Service Charges are waived off and there are more parking spaces now.

Q6. Gillman's Past, Present and Future?
Ans: We had wonderful memories of the past (former stall). That was the place where it all began. Now, we shall do our best to even provide more for our customers, in terms of price, service and food. I hope in the future, Gillman Seafood Restaurant will be the first name to appear, when everyone thinks of seafood, because this is "The Best Place For Seafood!"

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